Nova Scotia Trips


and optional side trips to

Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick

by Bruce Bishop

The three Canadian Maritime Provinces, nestling the north Atlantic Ocean on the country’s east coast, are where the beginnings of this nation began in 1867 as a ‘dominion’ of the British Empire.

Please remember that the province of Nova Scotia alone is about 5,000 square miles —larger than the country of Denmark, so try to plan for at least a week’s visit to see a good portion!

The TOYO (“Tour on your Own”)

This is by far’s most popular option! You’ll complete a questionnaire after we speak on the phone, which will help me design a day-by-day itinerary for the length of your visit.

You will pick up your rental car at the Halifax International Airport, or at the Yarmouth International Ferry Terminal if you arrive by ferry from Portland, Maine. (Or, you may opt to bring your own car on the ferry.)

Services available: airline or ferry reservations and tickets; car rental booking; accommodation suggestions and reservations; museum and attractions suggestions and directions; restaurant recommendations; and even meetings with locals who are connected to your personal interests!

Price: USD$100 flat fee, plus 15% service fee on the total cost of your trip

The PTG  (“Personal Tour Guide”)

This type of trip was requested on a few occasions in 2016. It includes all of Option # 1, but you have Bruce Bishop as your driver and personal tour guide throughout your trip.

  • Minimum duration: One 8-hour day, based in Yarmouth only.
  • Maximum duration: Thirteen days throughout the Maritimes, or in Nova Scotia alone
  • Price: to be quoted upon request (in USD), plus expenses and per diem

The Carly Simon

These extra-special Nova Scotian experiential suggestions are unusual, intriguing and definitely designed to your personal interests. Ask for our price list. Please note that any experience can be added to Option 1 or 2 as a separate activity.

Back in 1972, U.S. folksinger Carly Simon famously wrote and sang about a very special place:

“… Then you flew your Lear jet up to Nova Scotia

To see the total eclipse of the sun…”

We can’t quite promise a total eclipse in 2018, but we can definitely assure you some memorable experiences to last a lifetime. They will be privately planned for your family, friends, staff or colleagues and can be as private or as public as you wish:

  • Deep Sea Tuna Fishing:

Follow in the footsteps of President Franklin Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Babe Ruth, and Ernest Hemingway — go deep sea fishing for Bluefin tuna like they once experienced! (catch and release)

  • Dining at Low Tide:

Savor steamed North Atlantic lobsters, clams and scallops (with Nova Scotian estate wines) on a private beach at low tide with storytellers and musicians.

  • Local Adult Beverages:

Have a private talk and tour with an award-winning distiller, winemaker or brewmaster – or simply visit all three

  • Guardians of the Ships:

Tour and learn about two of Nova Scotia’s most private and inaccessible lighthouses, guided by the local Mayors.

  • You and the Titanic:

Be the sole occupants of a beautifully refurbished mansion once owned by Captain Aaron ‘Rudder’ Churchill, who advised his good friend, Captain E.J. Smith of Titanic fame, not to take the voyage. Visit the museum where Titanic artefacts are housed, and see the cemetery where some of the victims are buried – all with your personal guide.

  • Delicious Exports:

Spend some time at a renowned oyster farm and/or lobster pound with the owners, who export their bounty around the world

  • Become an Acadian Chef:

Have one-on-one Acadian cuisine cooking lessons and be taught its secrets from Acadian cooks using recipes that date back to the early 1600s. (When the French Acadians were expelled by the ruling British from Nova Scotia in the mid-1700s, many ended up in Louisiana, spawning the Cajun culture. We have quite the population of the original descendants!)

What would you most like to do in this beautiful ocean playground province of Canada?

This is tailored travel at its best, to allow you to immerse yourself in a culture and people with eleven generations of Scottish, English and French influence — and 10,000 years of native Canadian history!

Flights to Nova Scotia

Private aviation:  Yarmouth (YQI), Halifax (YHZ) and Sydney (YQY)

International Commercial Air Traffic: Halifax

Domestic Commercial Air Traffic: Halifax and Sydney

Ferries to Nova Scotia

From Portland, Maine to Yarmouth (daily in the summer season)

From Saint John, New Brunswick to Digby (daily year-round)

 Trains to Nova Scotia

From Montreal, Quebec to Halifax


A professional photographer can be added on to your trip to document your vacation in the Canadian Maritimes. Rates upon request.